Tuesday, November 26, 2013

EUR/USD Currency Pair Update

*For Monday, November 25, 2013.


The Euro/US Dollar (EUR/USD) currency pair was down 0.19% to 1.353 from 1.35556. The EUR/USD is above the 21 and 200 day moving averages of 1.347429 and 1.326459, respectively but below the 50 day moving average of 1.356421. Support for the EUR/USD is 1.34 while resistance is 1.363.


Note: 10=Go Long (Buy); 0=Go Short (Sell)

Comments: The signal went to 0 on 10/24/13 indicating it was time to short (sell) the EUR/USD currency pair.

Current Trade

Currency Pair: EUR/USD
Position: Short (Sell)
Open Date: 11/20/13
Open Price: 1.34285
Current Price: 1.353
% Return: -0.76%

Comments: Normally I would have waited for the next signal to open a position. However, I decided to open a short (sell) position in the EUR/USD since the signal was close to zero. I will hold the short (sell) position in the EUR/USD until the signal reaches 10 or I get a margin call.